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1958 - 59 Started playing lap steel guitar at age 6.






1966 - 68 Played bass with Dan Krchnak and the South Side Rhythm Masters.

1971 - 72 Bass player with the Disney World Bluegrass Band.

1975 - 80  Banjo player with the Cypress Swamp Stompers.

1980 - 87 Banjo player for Leon 'Pappy' Selph.






1984 - Southern Light.

1996 - 2000 Guitar & banjo at the Alvin Opry (Tony Booth, Ron Rebstock, Jim Black).

2000 - 04 Guitar & banjo at the Lake Theater.

2006  Guitar with the Wild River Band.



Chubby Wise, Mac Wiseman, Johnny Gimble, Frenchie Burke, Randy Corner, Leon 'Pappy' Selph, Howdy Forrester, Dale Potter, Paul Buskirk, River Road Boys, Wild River Band, Disney Productions, Reta Rebstock, Robert Herridge, Bad Bob Rohan, numerous square dance recordings, jingles and soundtracks.


Chubby Wise, Mac Wiseman, Johnny Gimble, Jana Jae, Tony Booth, Buddy Spicher, Frenchie Burke, Gene Watson, Hank Thompson, Johnny Bush, Mundo Earwood, Kelly Schoppa, Randy Corner, Jeff Chance,  Mike Stroup, Yogi Baird, Liz Talley, Linda Lowe, Bad Bob Rohan, Pat Gavin, Grady Lee.


Southside Rhythm Masters, New Lynchburg Ferry Old Time String Band & Patent Medicine Co., Cypress Swamp Stompers, Gilley Grass, Bluefield, Hickory Hill, Texas Brew, Wild River Band, Blue Ridge Playboys, Alvin Opry Band, 3 of a Kind, Pat Gavin & the Buckaroo Band, The Sidekicks, Southern Light.


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