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  • SOUTHERN LIGHT - Dance & Background Music 
  • Male & Female Vocals with Harmony
  • Classic country music and western swing.
  • Specialty dances: Cotton-eyed Joe, line dances, etc.
  • Suitable for dancing and background music.
  • Fully amplified to provide sound for large areas.
  • SOUTHERN LIGHT - 2 Piece Strolling
  • Guitar, Banjo and Upright Bass Violin.
  • Texas theme music suitable for conventions, ranch parties, hotel ballrooms, etc.
  • Lively bluegrass style music for festivals, fairs and parties.
  • Can play stationary or stroll from location to location (to cover a large area).
  • Acoustic strolling does not require electrical power, stage or P.A. system.
  • SOUTHERN LIGHT DUO - Christmas
  • Large repertoire of popular Christmas songs.
  • Can perform acoustically as strolling carolers.
  • Holiday attire including bells, antlers & Rudolph's red nose.
  • Audience participation encouraged when appropriate - especially children.
  • Former performers at Moody Gardens "Festival of Lights" Galveston, Texas.
  • RON - Strolling Minstrel
  • Guitar and banjo samples: White Oak Stomp , Maedel's Reel , Undecided
  • Cowboy and Classic Country Songs of Roy Rogers, Hank Williams, etc.
  • Western Swing Songs of Bob Wills, Hank Thompson, etc.
  • Bluegrass and Old Time String Band Music
  • SOUTHERN LIGHT - Hillbilly Band
  • Large repertoire of Bluegrass, Old-Timey and Hillbilly songs.
  • Attire includes overhauls, work boots, red bandanas, hillbilly hats with real buzzard feathers and...  wait till you see 'em teeth.
  • Audience participation encouraged when appropriate - especially children.
  • Instruments include: Clawhammer Banjer, Tennessee Flat Top Box Guitar and your choice of Dog-House Bass Fiddle or Tub Bass.


                 WHAT WE DO NOT PLAY !
  • Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Rock, New Age, etc.
  • Gangster Rap, Rap, Soul, Motown, etc.
  • Rock & Roll disguised as Top 40 Country
  • Top 40 Country
  • Disco, 80s dance music, etc.
  • Songs: Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mother, You Never Even Call Me By My Name, Why Don't We Get Drunk ...
  • Latin dance music, Tejano, Conjunto, etc.
  • If you want any of the this - we're not what you want!




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